Thursday, 25 October 2007

Genetic Garlic?

Do you like the taste of coffee or garlic?

If you like one or both, it could be because of your genes.

Researchers at the Kings College, London have suggested that 41 - 48% of our food preferences are inherited. The researchers found that the strongest links between food habits and genetic make-up involved a taste for garlic or coffee. More about the research here.

Hmm. I used to like coffee years ago but not anymore. Garlic, like onions, I could do without. And some of my eating habits have changed, dramatically in some cases. Were these food preferences genetically programmed? Search me.

What I do know is that the next time someone asks why I don't like garlic or onions, I'll say the fault is in my genes.

Monday, 1 October 2007

What's breast feeding got to do with cancer?

Breast cancer rates have risen in the last ten years. According to Cancer Research UK, one in ten cases of breast cancer a year can be prevented by 2024 if more women made simple lifestyle changes.

These changes are:

reducing long-term use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
staying in shape,
drinking less alcohol,
exercising more,
and breast feeding for longer.

Professor Max Parkin of Cancer Research UK said he would like to see three-quarters of UK mothers breast feed - currently, only 21% do so. I knew that breast feeding wasn't popular here but I didn't know it was this unpopular.

One way to help increase the breast feeding rates might be to share this information with pregnant women during antenatal checks and classes.

I guess it's obvious what my views are on this issue. But I digress...

There's more information about the research on breast cancer here.