Saturday, 28 April 2007

Preventing diabetes without drugs

Diabetes type 2 can be prevented by making changes to one's lifestyle. Being overweight, for example, increases one's risk of developing diabetes. And people who already have the condition can control it by following a healthy diet and doing more exercise.

Recently, a lady who has diabetes type 2 and is on medication experienced a drop in her blood sugar levels two weeks after she'd been using some nutritional products she purchased from me. (Shameless plug, but it might help someone).

I've known for a while that good nutrition can help diabetics or pre-diabetics improve their health. So I was pleased to read this article about a recent US study that shows that giving people drugs to prevent diabetes is not justified when lifestyle changes are just as effective. Without the side effects that drugs have.

My guess is that the companies that manufacture these diabetes drugs probably don't want the research findings disseminated widely. I'd like to see this information circulated beyond the medical establishment so that more people realize that taking pills isn't the only way to prevent diabetes; making changes to one's diet is much safer.

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