Thursday, 30 August 2007

Why British women have cosmetic surgery?

A recent research carried out at the University of Aberdeen by a sociology lecturer, Dr Debra Gimlin, found that:
  • British women were more likely than American women to have cosmetic operations to please their partners ("to suit the desires of a particular man"). In contrast, American women had the surgery "for themselves".
  • British women were more likely than American women to conceal their surgery from friends and family.
Interesting, huh? You can read more about the research here. I remember reading elsewhere that the suicide rate for women who have had cosmetic surgery is higher than that for other women. I think that's quite sad.

All of the 60 women interviewed by Dr Gimlin for the Aberdeen University research were concerned about their physical appearance. No earth-shattering revelation there. One of the women was a British barkeeper who said she had cosmetic surgery because her husband complained that having children had ruined her figure. Don't ask me why she didn't try to lose weight without having cosmetic surgery like I did after I had my son.

And do you wonder like I do why more men don't have surgery to please their partners?

Any thoughts on that? I'd like to hear them.


pamelastitch said...

why don't women perform plastic surgery - simple!!! because they really do not have to satisfy any woman. There is a short supply of them and the demand is high and they know it...


Chichi said...


Thanks for the comment. I agree with the reasons you gave for men (I assume you meant to write "men" not "women" in your first line) not having cosmetic surgery.

It's still a man's world...