Saturday, 3 February 2007

Boutique Ultrasounds

I remember the first time I had an ultrasound scan done during my pregnancy. Our excitement was palpable as my husband and I watched the moving image of our baby on the screen. I was a bit disappointed that they wouldn't tell us the sex of the baby, but I figured I could wait until the birth. We thought the grainy black and white picture we were given afterwards was the most beautiful picture we'd ever seen!

Although I would have wanted to find out whether the baby I was carrying was a boy or girl, it wasn't that important. But I knew some women in my position chose to have an ultrasound scan done privately so they could find out the sex of their baby. Sometimes they would have 3D scans.

It seems, however, that not everyone thinks it's a good idea for pregnant women to have ultrasound scans for reasons that have nothing to do with health. A recent news article talks about the risks of carrying out so-called "boutique ultrasounds".

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