Monday, 5 February 2007

Voodoo Nutrition

Manufacturers or marketers of nutritional products who make "unverified" product claims may face legal challenges.

This may be a problem for Coca-Cola Co and Nestle who launched a new drink called Enviga which they say "gently" burns calories. The two companies have been asked by a Connecticut (US) Attorney General to show scientific evidence of the calorie-burning claims. Without such evidence, the Attorney General says such claims would be no more than "voodoo nutrition".

The two companies maintain that their claim is backed by scientific studies. Apparently, a study conducted on behalf of the companies showed that drinking the equivalent of three cans of Enviga a day resulted in burning more calories.

Hmm. I wonder how many calories are contained in a can of Enviga. This information was not included in the article I read.

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